Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Kind (French) Words From Up North About POLARAMA...

...I"m grateful to Huffington Post Quebec and Journal de Montreal for their reviews of the French version of my novel THE SERIALIST


  1. Hi David,

    The French translation of THE SERIALIST received a review in this popular French readers' blog. The review was posted this morning.

    Like the translator Laure MANCEAU, I am a member of ATLF (Association of French Literary Translators)
    On the French publisher’s site (ACTES SUD), I found an extract of the first chapter. I am always very keen to see a fellow translator’s rendering of the original English narrative (style, tone, etc.). Although I did not have access to the first chapter in English, the translation reads well. I thought you might like to hear that your book received a very favorable review in this country.

    Best regards,
    Jean-Paul Deshayes
    Retired French/English lecturer

    1. Thank you, Jean-Paul, for sending me this. I am very grateful for the warm response my book has received in France, and also for the great work done by my translator Laure Manceau.
      Best Regards

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